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So I had this great idea! For the 0.4 release, I thought to myself, "Hey! I should really do a "let's play" style video. That way if people are too busy to play the game but would at least like to see what it's about, they can watch the video and I can go into more detail about all the things in there and why they're done that way.

So before the 0.4 release, I went and recorded a whole video of me playing the game and talking about it. I covered lots of great points, like why there's no multiplayer, how come attack dogs can chew through tanks (albeit slowly), and why dropping infiltrators on spider mines is a bad idea. The video ended up being over an hour long, but I decided to go with it because I was way too lazy to record another one.

Now comes the problem. You see, I'm a real mumbler. I don't tend to talk very loudly or enunciate very clearly. That's bad for videos. Luckily I knew this going in, so I thought to myself: "Ah ha! I'll record the game audio and mic audio separately, that way when I'm inevitably too quiet, I can just turn myself up without re-recording the whole video!" Brilliant, right?

So I start watching the video and sure enough, while I started out pretty strong, after an hour of recording I've gone right back to my mumbly self. No problem, I'll just turn myself up. After a great struggle of trying to figure out how to turn up one audio track without destroying video quality, I finally find an ffmpeg command that does the job reasonably well. There's probably an easier way, but I'm new to this and a programmer so of course I went the "run this obscure command" route.

Welp, unfortunately when recording, I just used my regular old headset mic (because I'm not a youtuber and don't have a fancy mic) and that thing not only picked up on my voice, but it also picked up on all of my mouse clicks and every time I took a deep breath. So the video ended up sounding like this:





...and that's why there's no let's play video for the 0.4 release!

Here's a cool thumbnail I made for the video:

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